Rebel Vitale (Asheville, NC)
“The Storyteller of Burlesque”

Rebel Vitale - Photo by David Bricquet

Rebel Vitale is Co-Founder of the Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue and Co-Producer of the Savannah Burlesque Festival. She is well known for her passionate performance style which comes from over 20 years of training in theatre and dance and a pure love for the for the stage. Rebel was also recently crowned the Golden Legends Champion (2018) and High Queen of the Asheville Burlesque Pageant (2017). She has been also featured in The Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival, Geektastic Asheville, Discordia Days Burlesque Festival, The Shimmy Showdown, and was winner of Best Duet (with partner Jack N. Thacox) at The Great Southern Exposure. This fierce ball of fire hopes to be kicking ass and breaking boundaries for many years to come.

Jack N’ Thacox (Savannah, GA)
“Lookin’ for love in all the thong places!”

Jack N' Thacox - Photo by Trevor Miles Martin

Jack N’ Thacox is Savannah’s Premier Male Entertainer! Jack began his burlesque career with the Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue in Savannah, Georgia in 2013. He has since toured all over the Southeastern United States as well as having performed in New York, London, New Orleans and the Great Smoky Mountains with his unique brand of naked story-telling. Jack N’ Thacox is ready at the drop of a hat and can fit his whole costume in a knapsack!